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The Bitcoin blockchain is a major innovation with the potential to change the core organization of our societies. It allows people to organize themselves with decentralized audit-able and censorship resistant communication protocols, minimizing the need of central governance. Less central power and more potential for automation yield lower structural costs, higher flexibility and infinite creativity! There is no doubt that this invention can bring progress in every digital sector.

Business Philosophy

  • Good business is my objective, I define it as receiving rewards in exchange of value creation.
  • My value creation efforts do not focus on speculation.
  • Business experiments must be as cheap as possible.
  • Stability of business models over time, or possible evolution, is crucial and must be considered before start.
  • Strong creativity must always be investigated but with super strong objectivity

Crypto Philosophy

  • Absolute security does not exist, humans are used to act based on risk estimates.
  • The security level of a crypto-currency is always interlaced with its market cap.
  • The market cap is not the expression of a superior intelligence revealing business potential, it is no more than the effect of the summation of our individual speculative minds.
  • Market cap of "anything" may well be the killer crypto app, the foundation of some oganically crowdfunded futur.

Because NXT is now mutating into ARDOR, a pragmatic differentiation between consensus security and usability, that pushes a lot further (perhaps infinitely) the scalability limits due to blockchain bloat, I'm now convinced that it is mature enough to bring real benefits to a wide range of existing activities so I've decided to try to contribute as much as I can to what I believe to be a societal "paradigm shift" in developpment.

Therefore, based on my skills, experience, and specific crypto knowledge, I'm convinced that if you'd like to investigate, in your business field, how to developp new opportunities thanks to blockchains, I'm now one of the best to help you as a technology advisor with rare business tights. Once ideas are sufficiently shaped, process & data architecture are heavy taks for which I can stil also claim special talent.

Otherwise, I'm still a web tool operator, you may have a look below as some working projects may already serve you well, or perhaps would you like to contribute to the ones under developpment.

If you believe we can do business together, do not hesitate to contact me so we can talk about it. I hope Scriba will help you in some way, in any case, keep safe and have a good day.


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Universal Timestamper

Get a proof of existence for your digital documents by recording their fingerprint in the NXT and Bitcoin blockchains. This creates irrefutable proofs to protect copyrights, history facts or parternity of ideas - forever! Notbot is a FREE service which delivers elegant & functional certificates that will remain valid independently of us.

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Brand your Nxt accounts

NXT account ID with your word to make use of the marketing power of words. Usefull if you are using NXT for business purposes and it uses an ideal NXT blockchain managed sale process, you can copy as a great example.

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On the projects table !
CRON Evangelism Cheaters Resistant Operational Network

Business Networks are the futur they say.. and partnerships are governed by contracts. But what if a dishonnest party breaks the contract? The victim then face a very uncertain fight where law may be unable to deliver justice because of a lack of proof! This is the number 1 reason why a lot of partnership are even not experimented! Now let's suppose participants properly identify themselves and agree to use a communication network that provides proof of activity to the concerned participants... Then, partners that do not trust each other can now do business that requires trust. NXT is such a network and it is production ready right now! Scriba want's to help partnership creators to design contracts and set up partnership protocol to exploit this promsing entry point into an era of creativity and dynamism relaxed from the risk of fraud. No programing developpment required !

To dig further :
Trust partners you should not trust

Massive business opportunities in the NXT blockchain

It's not about tools anymore, it's business times again !

SEAL Service Scriba Eternal Archive Leaflet
A paranoïd archive service for the very long term that safely transport your data to the future and make it available at any time in between. Do it Yourself or pay a small fee for us to take care of it for you. Process description, equipment and scripts will be available under the Creative Common Licence BY-NC-SA Licence Creative Commons.
VerifyScience Fondation
Science is flawed because we can not reproduce it. Theories are only valid until proven wrong by experiment. Reproductibility of the experiments is an essential matter that is not well addressed in our society. Many fundamental experiments are costly to reproduce which concentrate verification power, hence approval of theories in the hand of a few. VerifyScience will be an opened club, whose objective will be to help many to reproduce experimentations and build a reputation network of verifyers whose activity will be recorded and structured around the NXT blockchain. The goal is too start with basic physical experiments and to facilitate the buy, construction, and then rent of experimental material. #VerifyScience
SoundTip Association
MP3 is great but it is such a problem for right owners. However, it will never disappear so let's give up this fight and make it really cool for MP3 users to TIP right owners based on their use of sounds. MP3 users know and agree that they have to pay something. So why not a very convenient, way to pay artists? With no engagement, and no intermediary? Wasn't artists paid that way for centuries? MP3 Players could find in the blockchain who should be paid and spread the global user tip based on the user defined spreading rules. How much money would it make if all MP3 users would Tip an average of 10$ per year? Why wouldn't it be this way? This is not because the vinyl technology made it possible to capitalize on music scarcity that it was all good anyway!
Liquid Democracy Lab
What if you could choose your deputies at any time and vote instead of them when you decide. You'd become yourself a deputy for your friends and family and more if deserve to. NXT Blockchain can help. We would like to experiment a Democracy OS fork with the NXT voting features integrated together with an auditing plugin & protocol that would implement Liquid Democracy on top. Instead of targeting state democracy, we would first target smaller organisations like association, coops, or even private companies use cases. We believe that if those gradually adopt such system, the way to the top will just come naturally.
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If you have great project for humanity and want to talk with us, contact us here:
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